adidas Crazy Explosive Low Performance Review

adidas Crazy Explosive Low Performance Review

Nothing has changed between the high and the low top in the traction department. The coral pattern that adidas used before is used once again, and like last time, I love it; it’s multi-directional and hugs the floor better than you’d expect. Yes, the rubber compound is still on the soft side, so play outdoors at the risk of burning through the traction rather quickly. However, while you have traction you’ll have some really good traction.

Cushion - Much like the traction, cushion on the Crazy Explosive Low White hasn’t changed at all. #BoostIsLife (for me) and I love how these feel on-court. As I said previously, this is the UltraBoost of basketball. You’re getting full-length cushion that is plush in the heel and a little thinner in the forefoot so you don’t sacrifice too much court feel. TPU is still wrapped around the lateral side of the midsole to ensure the Boost remains stable; it’s exposed on the medial end which allows the Boost to expand and contract while you’re playing.

Materials - This is the first time I’ve used (what I call) the “basic” version of the Crazy Explosive. This Crazy Explosive Low uses a micro mesh upper whereas I’ve only played in the Primeknit edition. Performance wise, you’re not sacrificing anything if you choose this option. In this particular situation the Primeknit version of the shoe is more of a luxury rather than a performance upgrade. If you wanted something a little nicer looking and feeling then opt for the Primeknit version, but if you’re only interested in performance and enjoy saving a few bucks then you won’t be missing anything by grabbing the regular versions.

The mesh upper feels like Lycra (a stretchy material, what most leggings are made of). It’s light, breathable, and wraps around your foot like no other. You’ve basically got a superhero costume on your foot — pretty cool if you ask me. There are fuse welds in high-wear areas to help protect the material because durability isn’t its strong suit. However, if you try on the Crazy Explosive Low and take it for a spin I assure you that you won’t feel like you should’ve waited and gone with the Primeknit model — this is just as good.

Fit - The fit is incredible. Just like the high, the Crazy Explosive Low fits true to size and feels wonderful on-foot. It isn’t suffocating and it feels very secure. Due to the material, you almost feel as if you don’t have anything on at all.

Lockdown is great as well and there is no slipping inside the shoe whatsoever. adidas promoted the CrazyLight Boost to be the best fitting low top shoe ever, but the brand outdid itself with the Crazy Explosive Low — these fit like a dream.

Support -  Everything the high top version has the low top version has, save for some extra material around the ankle. Torsional shank, internal heel counter, large outrigger, flat stable base — everything you need in a shoe is in the Crazy Explosive Low. Everything.

Overall - The way I feel about the adidas Crazy Explosive Low is the same way I felt about the Air Jordan XX9 Low. Both are so much nicer to wear than their original versions — and the original versions of each shoe were already really good.

You aren’t giving up anything by going with the Crazy Explosive Low. Traction? Check. Cushion? Check. Nice materials? Check. Great lockdown and fit? Check. Support? Check. Nothing was left out of these. Well, maybe overall durability, but if you play indoors I don’t think that’ll be a huge issue on newjordans2018.com

The adidas Crazy Explosive Low is the definition of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  

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'Concord' Air Jordan 11s Could Be Coming for 2018

The "Concord" Air Jordan 11 could be the next original colorway of Michael Jordan's coveted patent leather signature model to get the retro treatment. Popular sneaker leaker accounts are reporting that this Air Jordan 11 is coming back in remastered form for Holiday 2018.

Accounts like @zsneakerheadz and @pinoe77 on Instagram have both hinted at the return of the sneakers.

Jordan Brand has consistently released Air Jordan 11s during the holiday season for almost a decade now, so it is a foregone conclusion that one will arrive next year. What's more, this colorway hasn't released since 2011, and a model returning after seven years is not unprecedented. Still, Jordan Brand has not confirmed this retro, and it feels a little early for a retail release this far out to be totally confirmed.

this Air Jordan 11  Concord everything is the same except the low cut profile (obviously) and a Jumpman logo is placed on the heel of the lows while on the mids it’s placed on the side. In the video and pictures you can see the mids with a slight difference in color on the sole and uppers but this is due to age and not how originally released by Jordan Brand on kd10sale.com .

There are no images of the rumored 2018 "Concord" Air Jordan 11 yet. The above photo is of a 2011 pair.  

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Nike Air Max 97 Release Guide For Fall To Celebrate 20 Years

Nike has been celebrating 20 years since the nike Air Max 97’s original release all year — but the real bangers are coming for the fall.

Designer Christian Tresser, the same gentleman that designed the Air Zoom Spiridon, was inspired by the industrial lines of his favorite mountain bike while creating the Air Max 97.

“Mountain bike components and mountain bikes at the time had metal on metal finishes like aluminum and polished titanium,” Tresser said in a statement.

nike air max 97 behind the design 2

The Air Max 97 is celebrated for introducing full-length visible Air cushioning. Now, two OG builds are returning, including premium renditions, as well as the new Nike Air Max 97 metallic gold.

The Nike Air max 97 Ultra has undergone a weight savings by way of a single layer upper and (hopefully) become more comfortable with new Air-Sole PSI levels.

nike air max 97 behind the design 3

“The innovation in the Air Max 97 Ultra comes from the point of view of refined comfort,” said Dylan Raasch, Nike Senior Sportswear Design Director, in a statement. “We updated the airbag, which is tuned softer, and the foam around it is streamlined to be closer to the ground. The lining is totally seamless with a single shell for the upper construction. The Air Max 97 Ultra retains the spirit of the OG through details you can really feel.”

Here’s the Nike Air Max 97 release guide for the fall, so far.


nike air max 97 OG white and nike air max 97 OG black for sale

While these are new colorwyas, these AM97s are how the silhouette was originally conceived. Both will be available August 1 on Nike+ SNKRS. No price has been announced.


Outfitted with premiums leathers and faux reptile skins, the Air Max 97 OG Premium debuts August 4 on Nike+ SNKRS. No price has been announced.


Lighter weight and supposedly softer underfoot, the Air Max 97 Ultra is available August 17 at retail globally on Nike+ SNKRS. August 5 for North America, although no price has been announced.

nike air max 97 fall 2017 to kd10sale.com  

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Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 High And Low Are

The Swoosh’s every-man shoe is back in 2017. The versatile Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 in high and low-top forms is available now.

The high-top versions feature the Flyknit that made up the “premium” iteration, much like the 2016 Hyperdunk. This build will come in muted tones including black, white, and sail (off-white.)

The low-top model is dropping with premium synthetic materials. The black and olive green pairs will drop with suede uppers, while the white version will feature leather.

You can check out our Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit performance review for more information.

Transitioning from what was an already wonderful shoe — the Hyperdunk Flyknit 2016 with full-length Zoom — to a new unknown cushion in the React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit makes me scratch my head.

The fact that NBA Champion Draymond Green has given the Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit his co-sign is somewhat positive. Is the new Hyperdunk build for the better? We’re here to find out…


Traction – The outsole traction pattern was created by data-informed pressure maps of feet in the Nike Sports Research Lab. The Swoosh created a traction pattern that manipulated the foot’s impact and movement to ensure a supportive base that is fine tuned for areas that require traction the most.

I’d say that the Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit’s traction definitely fit the bill. Of course, some wiping was necessary on dusty courts, but I didn’t skip a beat from either going end to end on-court or having to defensively slide in transition to cover on defense. The outsole did take some time to break-in but afterwards, it’s amazing — especially that extended outrigger.

Cushion – REACT! A lot of questions were asked when React debuted in the Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit. Is it Lunar? Is it better than Zoom Air? Is it like Bounce? Is it better than Boost? I think React is its own entity.

The React foam takes time to break-in. After I put time into the shoe, and the heat from my feet molded the foam, the foam will be felt — but not by much. Without the Ortholite insole the cushion itself would feel far too firm. The feedback is felt upon impact and the foam bounces back quickly, but the bounce is quite minimal.

A big guy like myself — someone who has a heavy in-step and lands hard — requires something more cushioned (I still love the Pebex Zoom, refer to Nike LeBron II) than React. I prefer something more forgiving, something similar to the Air Jordan 31. React is effective, but there are improvement to be made. The Swoosh is always innovating, so I wouldn’t call it a failure, but it’s an evolved version of Lunar in my opinion.

If it were up to me, I’d find a way to stack forefoot and heel Zoom Air to compliment the firm React cushioning. It might be a completely different shoe at that point, but I wouldn’t mind paying an extra $10 if that combination was implemented effectively.

Materials – As stated by the shoe’s designer, Ross Klien (he did the UA Anatomix Spawn and Nike KobeA.D.), the upper is constructed entirely of Flyknit and it’s super comfortable around the foot. From the reinforced toebox with nylon yarns to the modified stretch tongue, Flyknit on a basketball shoe has really come a long way.

There is also the molded midsole/outsole piece which featured the React foam cushion. The materials made the Hyperdunk 2017 come to life and it showcases one of the best builds on the market today.

Fit – One of my favorite aspects of the shoe is the fit. Even for a wide-footer like myself, I went with my natural size, and I recommend going true to size. There was some minor narrowness to the shoe but after a few games the Flyknit contoured to my feet well. The Flywire, nylon yarn backing at strategic areas, the soft tongue, and the padded ankle collar complement each other so well that the shoe feels one with your feet — the ideal feeling. I didn’t feel any empty space whatsoever and the material did not created any hindrance on-foot.

Support – The support comes directly from the fit, and the fit was wonderful once fully broken in. The Flyknit wrapping your foot, internal heel counter, and ankle pillows provide balance and stability.

The only gripe I have is that I find that the laces come loose a little more often than they should. Once you’re really strapped in you’re good to go. I did enjoy the React — and definitely appreciated the OrthoLite — but I’d prefer something a little bit more forgiving for my knees and legs. React just didn’t work well for my style of play.

Overall – The Nike React Hyperdunk2017 is by far one of the most solid shoes I’ve played in this year. From the fit and support to the traction and materials — the build is well thought out and executed. The introduction of the new React foam was a nice touch but it was more firm than expected. If Nike considered adding Zoom Air units to complement the React foam, I might jump at the shoe even more because its other qualities work very well.

Also, a big thank you to the people at Nike and Jordan Brand for having the kd10sale.com team at the Terminal 23 Court in New York City.  

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The Common and different points of Double Slipper spring

 Common Points:

Double-eye and Slipper leaf spring acts as part of a trailer's suspension system by providing an attachment point for a 2,000-lb axle. Spring flexes to resist shock and also ensures a smooth ride. Includes bushings with 9/16" inner diameter.


  • Leaf spring acts as part of your trailer's suspension system

    • Provides attachment point for your trailer's axle

  • Multiple leaves allow flexibility to absorb road shock

    • Allows for a smooth ride

    • Reduces wear and tear on trailer

    • Ensures level ride on bumpy and uneven surfaces

  • Sturdy steel construction

  • Nylon bushings included

Diffent points

1.Double-eye leaf spring:

  • Pre-mounted hangers or aftermarket hanger kit  required for installation

    • Spring attaches to hanger mounted on trailer frame at one end

    • Other end connects to shackle straps suspended from hanger or equalizer

2.Slipper leaf spring

Pre-mounted hangers or aftermarket hanger kit  required for installation

  • Eye of spring attaches to hanger mounted on trailer frame

  • Slipper end slides into hanger or equalizer

So get a set of Double-eye leaf spring or Slipper leaf spring  for your,pleaf send email : info@newtruckspring.com for us

Popular Replacement Leaf Springs

1.UNA034 Double-Eye Trailer Leaf Spring

2.UNA041 Double-Eye Trailer Leaf Spring 25.13″ Long

3.UNA142 Double-Eye Trailer Leaf Spring 27″ Long

4.TRA2727 Slipper Spring w/ Radius End 43-4/5″ Long

5.TRA-693 Slipper Spring w/ Radius End 40.19″ Long  

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Replaces Suspesion parts for the popular toyota tacoma

Unfortunately, the leaf springs on Toyota Tacoma's tend to ware out, crack, and break. Whether it is because of the factory spring construction or the amount of use the trucks get by their active owners, the broken springs need to be replaced. If your tacoma leaf spring needs new suspension parts you're in the right place. We offer right and left springs separately, as they are sometimes different in tacoma's to compensate for driver-side only traveling as well as fuel tank weight. However, the difference is normally only in the arch and is negligible in certain cases where springs are superseded and will fit with parts like this tacoma shackle.

Tacoma has been around for so long it often becomes necessary to replace worn suspension parts as part of a routine maintenance. Keeping your suspension working properly is crucial to not only having a smooth ride as you go over bumps and imperfections in the road, but it is also important to maintain the load capacity of your truck and prevent damage to the chassis.

Finding the Right Product is a Matter of Concern

Since the Tacoma has been around for so long, it’s no surprise that the model design has changed from time to time, including the fit of the suspension system on the truck. In fact, the leaf springs alone have changed five times for the Toyota Tacoma, so it’s important that you get the right leaf springs for your particular model. The five model year groupings are:

1. 1995-1997
2. 1998-2000
3. 2001-2004
4. 2005-2011
5. 2012-2014

On top of the model year, the specific model of truck will also dictate what leaf springs you need. For instance, in the 1995 – 1997 models, there are four types of rear wheel leaf springs available: the factory default 4 X 4 with 4 leaves, heavy-duty 4 X 4 with 4 leaves, the factory default 4 X 4 with 3 leaves, and the 2-wheel drive model with 3 leaves. So, as you can see knowing the model of your Toyota Tacoma is an important factor when choosing proper suspension parts.

What are some of the most popular leaf springs for the Toyota Tacoma?

1.2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner 2wd 2/1 Leaves

2.1984-1988 Toyota Pickup and Chassis Cab 4wd 3/1 Leaves


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custom coil springs for your unique applications

Tinmy  Spring & Stamping produces compression springs in many standard sizes and configurations. In addition to manufacturing standard sizes and configurations of compression springs, we are also a compression springs manufacturer that produces custom coil springs for your unique applications. Compression springs are most commonly used in aerospace, automotive, and consumer applications. Most compression springs are manufactured as a straight cylindrical spring, made with a variety of sizes and types of wire. Quality Stock Compression Springs for a Variety of Industries Other coil spring are designed in the form of a cone, allowing longer travel due to the individual coils not being forced against each other. As a premier compression springs manufacturer, we craft compression springs in a variety of compression types, shapes, and specifications. Typical applications for compression springs include:
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Fluid/air control
  • Off-road equipment
  • Switches

Tinmy Spring & Stamping offers compression springs with the following specifications:

  • Round wire diameters from .003" to .625"

  • Square and rectangular

Factors to consider when determining which compression coils are best for your applications include:

  • End treatment

  • Custom springs can have open, open and ground, closed or closed and ground ends

  • Free length -How long is the spring when fully extended?

  • Helix direction - The direction of coils is right or left-handed, depending on how the machine making them is set up. Handedness is important in very few applications.

  • Load at Solid Height - The force in pounds required to collapse the spring completely.

  • Solid height - What is the length of the spring when completely compressed?

  • Spring Rate - How much force in pounds per inch of deflection does it take to compress the spring? See calculating procedure below.

  • Total number of coils in the spring

  • Outside diameter of the spring

  • Wire diameter - Diameters of .003" to 1 7/8" available in round, square or rectangular.

  • Wire material - Custom springs are available in a variety of steel and non-ferrous alloys.

Email Tinmy  Spring for all your custom compression spring supplies and services.


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Torsion Springs are utilized in products

Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs are utilized in products that require a resistance to or application of torque. Once a load is applied to the legs, coil spring deflect and elongate resulting in an angular return force. Torsion springs are closely wound with various leg configurations, such as straight legs and multiple leg bends. The direction of the wind, clockwise or counter-clockwise, is determined by the application.

Some important factors to consider when offering torsion springs include:

(1)Material Type
(2)Wire diameter
(3)Outside/ Inside diameter
(4) Frequency of rotation
(5) Torque
(6) Winding direction     Right hand (counter-clock wise)  or  Left hand (clockwise)
(7)Surface treatment
(8)Number of coils
(9)Length of leg #1an #2
(10) Range of operating temperature
(11) Maximum wound position in number of turns or degrees from free position
(12) Length of leg ends
(13) Relationship of legs
The  relative relationship between the legs of torsion springs at the tangent point in the free position measured in degrees.
Feel free to contact us directly for more information.  

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Tinmy Coil spring will not Disappoint you!

For 10 years, Tinmy. Coil spring  has delivered the finest quality precision springs, stampings, wire forms and 4-slide parts to a wide ranging customer base across the United States and the World.

From its beginnings, Tinmy. COIL SPRING. has focused on ultimate customer satisfaction. The early design and development of specialized machinery for use in the production of rectangular springs for automobile starter drives, resulted in an immediate influx of business. Due to this, the company achieved financial stability and soon afterwards expanded into the manufacturing of stampings, wire forms and 4-slide parts.

Today, with our 57,000 square foot manufacturing facility, dedicated employees, our fully equipped tool room as well as a variety of state of the art equipment, Tinmy. COIL SPRING  is well prepared to satisfy your most exacting needs. We look forward to working together to ultimately achieve a mutually satisfying relationship. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust - WE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU!!


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Complete Leaf Spring Packs for Vehicles

Custom Leaf Spring Packs

Murphy’s Frame and Axle can design custom leaf springs for most any suspension project you may have — individual leafs, or complete leaf spring packs!  You provide the measurements and we handcraft high quality leaf springs, to your specifications!

Yes, we can ship our custom leaf spring packs nationwide!

This Quote Form is for Complete Spring Packs.  If you are looking for Individual Leaf Springs, see this Quote Forminstead.

Complete Leaf Spring Packs for Vehicles:

By providing your Vehicle Year, Make and Model, we can usually research and find the leaf spring pack configuration and quote this for you. You can use the Comments box to give us any additional information. We will follow-up with any questions that we have, before providing the quote.

Complete Leaf Spring Packs for Other Applications:

If you have a special application, just note “Other” below and describe your needs as best as you can in the Comments box. We will follow up with any questions that we have, before providing the quote. You might find the following Measurement Chart handy, in describing your needs to us:


A – Measure from the Center Pin Bolt Hole to one end of the leaf.
B – Measure from the Center Pin Bolt Hole to the other end of the leaf.
C – Measure the Arc (height of leaf).
D – Overall Thickness of Leaf Pack
W – Width of the leaf.  We offer widths from 1.75″ to 4.00″
T – Thickness of an individual leaf.  We offer leafs from 3/8″ to 1/2″ thick

We will also need to know what type of Eye you require on the ends:



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