How to design of Yeezy Boost by Kanye West?

It's been a long journey

In January 2014, a video surfaced of Kanye West talking through his second capsule collection with French denim label A.P.C. (It’s since been scrubbed from the Internet.) Standing in a Paris showroom, West spent nearly fifteen minutes explaining to a room of fashion editors every stitch, detail, and decision that went into the military-inspired capsule and new yeezys . He talked at length about his specific design choices—like how he chose certain fabrics while picturing “dudes in Milan being shot by [street style photographer] Tommy Ton”—but also about how this capsule collection was symbolic of a new era for him personally, one where he might be seen not as a rapper or a celebrity, but as a fashion designer. “I think, like, this moment right here is maybe the first time where people can see, like, ‘Oh that’s his opinion,” he said. But Kanye’s history in the fashion industry is as long and involved as his career in music, and since he burst onto the scene in 2004 with The College Dropout, his impact on men’s fashion has been immense. Maybe even unmatched. And yet it’s only now, on the day that his new collaboration with Adidas will be unveiled at a highly anticipated fashion show in New York, that he’s finally getting the platform to express his vision in a way he feels he has long deserved.

2008: Kanye Wears Unreleased Colorway of the Nike Air Yeezy 1 At The Grammys

During his onstage performance at the ‘08 Grammys, fans got a first look at what would eventually become the Nike Air Yeezy, though the versions that would eventually hit stores would be much more colorful than the black/white colorway he wore on stage. Later in the year, on his Glow in the Dark Tour, Kanye wore an unreleased purple and orange colorway. This marked the first time Nike had given a signature shoe to a non-athlete, signaling Kanye as a pioneer in the sneaker world—and introducing a famous musician who wanted to reimagine the concept of “celebrity designer.”

April 2009: The Air Yeezy 1 Hits Stores

For all of three seconds. As expected (and thanks to a super limited quantity of shoes made), the Air Yeezy 1 sold out almost instantly. It retailed for $215, and was released in three colorways—grey (released in April), black (May), and tan (June).

September 2010: Kanye West Collaborates with Phillip Lim on the Wardrobe for West’s Short Film, “Runaway.”

Say what you will about the film’s plot and acting, but a couple of things are for sure—the music and wardrobe are great. Made specifically for West by designer Phillip Lim, the looks showed off a super-modern, elegant take on classic pieces like white button-down shirts, black trousers, and formalwear.


Late 2011: Kanye Wears Samples of the Air Yeezy 2 on the Watch The Throne Tour

The only thing to get more media attention than the leather kilt were the Nike Air Yeezy 2 samples West wore while on tour for WTT, which, like the Air Yeezy 1s he wore at the 2008 Grammys, were done up in a monochromatic color scheme that would never see store shelves.

April 2012: Kanye West Starts Dating Kim Kardashian

The world’s most talked about (and arguably most influential from a fashion perspective) couple is born.

June 2012: The Air Yeezy 2 Is Released in Two Colorways, “Platinum” and “Black Solar Red”

Like the first Air Yeezy, these kicks were priced higher than typical Nike offerings ($250 this time around), were extremely limited (certain reports say only 1,500 pairs were made), and kids lined up for weeks to get their hands on a pair. Today, pairs are for sale via Flight Club for over $5,000.

From a design perspective, the Air Yeezy 2 was a similar but much sleeker style than the original, and featured an embossed reptile print on the side that reinforced the dark, luxurious aesthetic West wore on the Watch The Throne tour. This would be the last silhouette Kanye designed for Nike.

October 2013: Kanye Collaborates With Maison Margiela on Yeezus Tour Wardrobe, Wes Lang on Tour Merch

After name-checking Margiela on Watch the Throne, West turned to the Maison for his Yeezus tour wardrobe, including silk robes, crystal masks, and custom versions of the brand’s “Future” sneaker. In fact, the entire wardrobe was custom-made for West and was never to be released by the house.

For the merchandise, West tapped popular Los Angeles-based artist Wes Lang, whose hand-drawn themes of death and religion complemented the album’s raw feel. One design, which featured a confederate flag, sparked controversy, to which West replied, “React how you want. The confederate flag represents slavery—that’s my abstract take on it—and I made the song ‘New Slaves’. So I took the Confederate flag, and I made it my flag now. So what you gonna do about it?”


December 2013: Kanye West Signs With Adidas

The transformation from the Swoosh to the three stripes became complete. Kanye got the joint venture deal he wanted, with royalties, and one worth more, according to his claims on the Breakfast Club radio show, than the $4 Million dollars a year he said Nike offered him for previously undisclosed deal.

February 2014: Nike Releases the Red Octobers Out of Nowhere

And just as soon as they arrived, they’re gone. Current asking price? $5500 on Flight Club. Kanye’s relationship with Nike? Officially dead.

August 2014: Kanye Tells GQ His New Album is On Hold So He Can Work on Adidas

“I was thinking it could somehow come out in June, like Yeezus, and just kill it for the summer. But then I'm like, I have to work on Adidas and be with my child.”

September 2014: Kanye Promises to Make His Adidas Collection Mass-Market

During one of his signature onstage rants while on the Yeezus Tour in Perth, Australia, West promised to make the new Adidas collection widely available: “I heard those screams [from people who weren’t able to purchase the limited edition Yeezy 2 Nike collaboration], and I wanted to do something about that. So when I ask next year if you were able to get the new Yeezys, you’ll be able to say you at least were able to try on a pair, to cop a pair.”

November 2014: Images of Kanye’s New Adidas Sneaker Leak

Thanks to a pair of wandering eyes (and a camera phone) from someone seated behind West on a commercial flight, we were given our first image of what would eventually become the Yeezy 750 Boost. The Internet exploded and the hype reached a fever pitch.

February 6, 2015: Ibn Jasper Instagrams the First Picture of the Yeezy 750 Boost

Kanye’s friend and longtime barber was the first person to unveil the official Yeezy 750 Boost while West rehearsed for the Grammys.

February 7, 2015: Kanye Steps Out in the 750 Boost for the First Time

Kanye and Kim attended the Roc Nation pre-Grammy brunch, which also marked the first time West was seen out in public wearing the gray suede high-tops.


This time though, he rocked ’em with a very cozy Haider Ackermann sweatsuit.

February 11, 2015: Kanye Reveals There Are More Yeezys Coming

On Ryan Seacrest’s show, West said that while only 9,000 pairs of the Yeezy 750 Boost will hit store shelves this Saturday, there is a lot more to come. “There's only 9,000, and also because they're $350, if they're out of anyone's price range.... I just want everyone to be safe and patient. I know you can run up on this 14-year-old kid and take his Yeezys, but just be patient because we'll make more Yeezys.... When I was growing up, kids wanted Jordans; kids got killed for Jordans. Now that I'm in a position, I'm going to make sure everyone gets Yeezys.” So far, a year later, that hasn't exactly come true.


February 12, 2015: Showtim

Yeezy season is finally here. And if we have any apprehensions, it’s that even with all the good will in the world, mass-market products are uncharted territory for West. In all of his prior collaborations, exclusivity was itself a crucial part of the appeal. This was especially true with the Air Yeezy 2s—a sneaker so rare, just seeing a pair in the street was special.

As a musician, what makes Kanye West one of the greats is his ability to innovate—to push the sonic boundaries of hip-hop. The raw aggression of Yeezus is what is made it a critical success, but it also sold less than any Kanye West solo album ever has. And generally speaking, it’s easier to get people to change the song on their phone than it is to get them to change their shoes. Weird music is usually a personal, private experience. Weird clothes are a public display of taste and personality. And if West really wants to become the next Ralph Lauren, that’s going to take some time.

But with all eyes on him and (in all likelihood) an instant sell-out on his hands, West’s on the right track to becoming the force in fashion he believes he can be.

June 2015: The First Low-Top Yeezy Boost, the $200 350 "Turtle Dove" Arrives

It drops on Adidas's Confirmed app, online, at various retailers, though few are actually able to secure a pair.

First released in Turtledove in June 2015, the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 was very different again – far more traditional and understated. A low-rise lightweight every day sneaker, the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 was similar to Nike Roshe Run, it’s soft look created using a one-piece primeknit construction. The shoe featured one visible line of stitching on the front, canvas detailing on the heel, black YZY detailing on the inner side and adidas boost technology in the rubber sole. Retailing for $200, the sneaker was available in a range of stores  The Pirate Black colourway followed Turtle Dove in August 2015, with Moonrock released three months later,and the oxford tan release after then .


2016: Kanye unveils yeezy season 2


The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 was revealed at the Yeezy Season 3 show and was released on September 24, 2016. It is considered a remake of the previous Yeezy Boost 350 and features several outer changes, such as a different pattern, removed heel tab, and a large stripe running around the outer side of the shoe with the words "SPLY-350". The sole also has been updated to be transparent and features full-length visibility of the boost material midsole through a grid-pattern opening on the outsole. In September they released the "Beluga" featuring an all Grey outsole and primeknit, with a large colored orange stripe with the words "SPLY-350". On November 23, 2016, three new colorways released, "Copper", "Green", and "Red", featuring an all black outsole and primeknit, with a large colored stripe with the words "SPLY-350".

A Core Black/Core White colorway, dubbed "Oreo", was released December 17, 2016, which also featured a black outsole and prime knit, as well as a white stripe across the shoe. The black and red "bred" colorway released February 11, 2017. A "zebra" colorway was released on February 25, 2017. In April 2017, there will be a release of the colorway of this model labeled as "Triple White".All shoe colorways have been released for a retail price of $120.  

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nike lebron 14 performance review bryanhinkle

One of the hardest things to grasp in the NBA is the fact that Lebron James is 32 years old.

From the kid rocking Zoom Generations in his first game, through the different teams, Finals failures, championships in Miami and CLE, to now being an elder statesman in the League, one thing has been consistent: he has worn a swoosh on-foot.

How does the Nike LeBron 14 compare to the past greats, like the 2, 8, and X? Well, you have to read…

Depending on the floor, great. Or not great. Good, maybe? Really, on a semi-clean, fairly finished floor, the traction was really good. A step below the Rose 7 and Curry 2, but still really good.

The little nubs on the pods wear down quickly, leaving a flat surface across the pods, which actually made the traction better. The large flex grooves also help with grip, allowing you to really dig into the floor and push off easier — more flex equals more of the sole touching the floor, meaning more rubber to grab. But really, Nike, it’s time to drop the translucent — we all know by now what Zoom looks like and most of us can feel it when it’s good, so get us back to solid rubber and consistent traction.

Nike has been on a serious come-up this season, giving us Max Zoom in the KD9, full-length Zoom in the Hyperdunk 2016 Elite (and the regular segmented version wasn’t bad either), and full-length unlocked Zoom in the Jordan XXXI. Now, the massive Zoom pods in the Nike LeBron 14 join the club, and they make the shoe extremely fun.

Even with the Zoom broken into the smaller units, it is still bouncy, responsive, and cushions every landing and step perfectly. It is bottom loaded, under the Phylon, so the extreme response like the KD9 and Jordan XX8 isn’t there. However, it feels more stable than both of those shoes and actually plays smoother in transition because of it.

The heel is Zoom across the whole section and is contained enough that off-center landings never feel like the shoe will roll. Having the pods split like they are also allows for extreme flexibility, something most LeBron shoes lack; it improves traction and court feel while cutting down on foot fatigue.

Mesh, mesh, and more mesh make up the upper of the Nike LeBron 14 flip the switch . This isn’t bad, but for the price it isn’t T-bone either. The upper is super-soft and feels great on-foot, with the foam between the mesh providing comfort and padding over all stitches and possible hot spots. The toe bumper/rand and the tongue logo feature a supple leather (wish there was more of that here than just the detailing). Flywire appears again in the forefoot to help with lacing and lockdown. Pro Combat padding makes an appearance on the ankle/heel strap. Overall, the materials get the job done in a nice package, but they just don’t feel like $175 materials. If you enjoyed the Soldier X, well, ditto.

Very questionable. The one piece bootie/upper system has been around long enough to make a better showing. The forefoot and midfoot are locked — no movement at all in my testing. The shoe was cinched tight, making the Flywire rub into the foot a little, but movement was nuh-uh.

Length-wise, true to size was the way to go — about a finger’s width between the big toe and the end of the shoe. The problem was the heel. If the top laces were pulled super tight, heel slip went away. Otherwise, the wide mouth opening and the lack of a strong lacing system led to heel slip every time. The strap was supposed to help, but being a layover (instead of a hook and loop) means there was no force to pull against when tightening it — it just “laid over” the instep. The strap did pull the foot into the heel cup, but the ankle collar was still loose and slipped. If you don’t mind pulling your shoes reallllly tight (I don’t), then fit should be good.

Not much above the midsole, really. The strap does try to pull the foot into that external heel piece, but again, it is working against itself. The biggest help for support is the flexible outsole and wide base. The base keeps you from rolling over on any landings and the outsole is flexible enough that some part of it is able to keep floor contact at (almost) all times.

The midfoot Zoom unit helps with arch support by not letting the bridge fall and injure your foot. The heel cup is low, making the LeBron 14 really feel and play like a low, but it is made of hard plastic and is stable enough to hold you in. The lacing system doesn’t really do anything at all, except heel keep your foot in, so support from that area won’t happen. Overall, this is probably the least supportive LeBron signature ever.

Fun, fun, fun. I never thought a LeBron shoe and fun could be said together. The overall court feel, transition, cushioning, and clean-floor traction make the LeBron 14 feel fast and smooth to play in. The flexibility and lack of Posite wings or support allows the player to feel free and quick, while the Zoom is just responsive enough to keep your legs from dying without bouncing like Tigger.

If you have stayed away from LeBrons in the past because of weight, stiffness, or looking like boots, don’t be scared, because the LeBron 14 is none of those. If you like court feel, speed, and cushioning, the 14 is for you. Whatever the delay from Nike to get these on shelves, do it again — performance should trump technology every time, and when you can include both, like in the LeBron 14, you have a shoe fit for a King.
More than Performance Reviews go to: http://www.sneakerhello.com  

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Air Jordan xxx1 Why Not Performance Review

I thoroughly enjoyed playing in the Air Jordan 31, but my lasting impression of the shoe was that if Jordan Brand had only combined the upper of the 31 with the tooling of the 30, it would have been one of the best-performing models ever. So when Russell Westbrook started hitting the court in one-off hybrids with that exact setup, it was both reassuring and frustrating. It was nice to know that I wasn’t alone in that preference, but it sucked knowing that I couldn’t also have a pair.

I wondered all season what it would be like to play in the shoe, and as soon the news hit that a pair would be dropping at retail to commemorate his historic run, there was no doubt in my mind—I had to have a pair. And even if it was more of a limited release and collectors item, I was going to play in it.

To say I had high expectations for the “Why Not?” 31s would be an understatement. I can’t think of many shoes I’ve looked forward to playing in more. But can you simply take parts from two different shoes, slap them together, and have the best of both worlds?.

Air Jordan 31 "Why Not?" - Fit

The upper of the Air Jordan 31 “Why Not?” remains basically unchanged from the standard model. That means that when you lace it up you’ll experience the same satisfying cinching of materials, thanks to the “old school” decoupled tongue and upper construction. It makes the shoe easy to get on and off, in contrast to many of the sock-like sneakers we’ve seen as of late, and provides a much more dynamic fit. Where things differ slightly is simply a case of changed materials. The elephant print heel is thicker and more rigid than the synthetic leather on the “Banned” 31 that I previously played in. Where those had an already broken-in feel, the “Why Not” edition bordered on being too stiff for my first couple runs. That also means that it’s even more supportive, so there’s an upside as well. While the original didn’t lack support, I came to prefer the updated edition’s stability.

In the footwear world, visual technology is often introduced through huge marketing campaigns and claimed as innovation while some of the most meaningful advancements fly under the radar. The collar of the Air Jordan 31 is a perfect example of this. Rather than completely enveloping the heel in padding, six individual pods target the malleolus and ankle contours to provide stability. The result is the same—the heel is locked in place, resulting in outstanding support. But the quiet innovation is that this is achieved using less material and bulk, creating a sleeker and faster feel. Think of it as a better solution to a problem that was already solved. Adding to this already-great lockdown is the aforementioned support from the thicker heel material. The return to the AJ29/30 midsole takes things one step further as well thanks to the built-in forefoot counter and higher-wrapping heel.  

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Top 3 classical Air jordans released in May

Top 1.Best Popular is jordan 11 frost white release on May 20th
The Air Jordan 11 Low 'Frost White’ is another Air Jordan 11 Low which is a women’s exclusive. Dressed for the warmer months, this pair adds to the growing Air Jordan Heiress Collection.

This Air Jordan 11 comes dressed in a White and Pure Platinum colorway. Instead of patent leather across the mudguard and toe box, the brand is now using a textured leather. On the tongue, liner and outsole are minor hints of what appears to be Purple. Finishing the look is a translucent outsole.
Air Jordan 11 Low Frost White Release Date
The Air Jordan 11 Low GS PRM HC Frost White is scheduled to release at select Jordan Brand retailers on May 20th, 2017. Retail price is set at $115.

2.Top 2 is Air Jordan 13 Alternate on July 22nd, 2017
The Air Jordan 13 ‘Alternate’ adds to large amount of Air Jordan 13 releases during 2017 that celebrates the 20th Anniversary.
The ‘Alternate’ edition will resemble that of the ‘Chicago‘. Like done on previous models, the color blocking will be changed. They will also have a similar look of the ‘History of Flight’ Sample.

This ir Jordan 13 features a White, Metallic Silver and University Red color combination. Featuring a White leather upper, Red and Metallic Silver accents complete the look.
Air Jordan 13 Alternate Release Date
The ‘Alternate’ Air Jordan 13 is scheduled to release at select Jordan Brand retailers on July 22nd, 2017. Retail price will be $90

Top 3 is Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred' Release On summer 2017
The Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred’ will make a return in 2017 in classic form which will bring back the 3M reflective uppers.

The last time we saw the Black and Red Air Jordan 13 released was in 2013, however many were disappointed as it didn’t feature the traditional 3M reflective detailing across the uppers. For 2017, Jordan Brand will correct their wrongs.

The 2017 Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred’ features Black leather across the toe, suede on the tongue and 3M reflective mesh across the panels. In addition, Red suede will run across the lower part of the shoe which extends across the heel. Other highlights include a Red Jumpman on the tongue and the traditional hologram by the heel.
Air Jordan 13 Bred 2017 Release Date
Currently, a specific release date for the Air Jordan 13 Bred has yet to be announced, however they are expected to launch during 2017 at select Jordan Brand retailers. Retail price will be $190.

Once we have more information for you, we will make sure to update. Make sure to check back with us as more news is coming soon on sneaker hello .  

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Perseverance and Adversity of a monther recognized by adidas

Without Mothers, there would be no athletes in the world. Think about that for a second… Today is a celebration of motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. We see the praise of athletes and entertainers on a daily basis for being so skilled and talented, but when you go deeper into their stories, it all boils down to what Moms go through to help their child become successful in life.

In honor of Mother’s Day, S partnered with adidas Women to recognize all the perseverance and adversity of Moms worldwide.

Meet Gracie Lachowecki, graduate – Soccer player – Nursing major at the University of Miami, and her Mother Kay Lachowecki. Their relationship is exemplary of what today’s holiday is all about and a story worth celebrating. In doing so, adidas Women surprised Gracie with an opportunity to help show her Mom how much she is loved. What awaited was a once in a lifetime all expenses paid weekend getaway trip to Chicago packed with shopping sprees, tickets to Hamilton, Wanderlust, gifts, dinners at top restaurants in the city, all to be capped off by a special gift presented by Nice Kicks.

Additionally, adidas Women created the Marian Kay Lachowecki Scholarship Fund to honor her courage in the fight against Breast Cancer. Two students in the School of Nursing and Health Studies at the University of Miami who demonstrate finanacial need will each be awarded $5,000 to help cover the cost of their tuition.

Read ahead as I recap the weekend in photos and sit down with both Gracie & Kay Lachowecki to hear their incredible story of perseverance, adversity, and triumph.

RAY P.: It’s an absolute honor to sit here with you both. Whenever I hear your story of perseverance and facing adversity from people at adidas, they always cry. What happened this weekend has never been done by the brand, so I really just wanted to have a conversation with you, hear your story, and join in on the celebration.

Let’s start with you, Gracie. Talk to me about how a girl from Evansville, Indiana ended up at the University of Miami playing Soccer.

GRACIE: We were looking at Universities during my Sophomore year of High School and even though I had no intentions of going to Miami because it was so far from our home in Evansville, Indiana, I figured it would be a mini vacation at the very least [laughs]. I went down there knowing I wanted to major in Nursing and play Soccer, which at the time every school I met with told me it’s impossible and that too many hours were involved to participate in both programs. My meeting with the President of the University of Miami was different. The moment I told her what I wanted to do, she took me to go see the Dean of the Nursing program and immediately offered to build a program around me that would allow for both Soccer and Nursing to be pursued. There was no way I could pass up that offer.

Ray P: Sorry to cut you off, but I can’t blame you for taking the offer. It sounds like they really cared about you.

GRACIE: I will admit it was stressful, but I stuck through it. Learning how to deal with Nursing school, missing practice four times a week, but meeting with my coach for two hours a day to individually work on my game was a struggle. Now I feel like it was all worth it. I developed such a strong bond with my coaches and them taking the extra time definitely improved my skills.

RAY P: I’m inspired already. That’s some serious dedication and I’m so glad you stuck through it.

MOM: She also scored a crazy amount of goals that year! She’s too humble to admit, but I’m proud of her [laughs]!

RAY P.: Haha, I can already tell you’re her biggest cheerleader.

GRACIE: Yeah I think I had around 12 goals that season. I had two really big games, but the one that’s really cool and sticks out the most is the Breast Cancer Awareness game. We were down 0 – 2 at half time. I scored two straight goals in the second half to get us to overtime and 30seconds in I ended the game with my third goal.

MOM: You had a hat trick! It was soooo awesome.

RAY P: What did that game mean to you, Gracie? Because I saw you had a special smile while looking at your Mom and telling the story. There’s a past history with Breast Cancer and your Mother, correct?

GRACIE: I’ve played in the Breast Cancer Awareness game before, but never knew someone with the condition until Mom was diagnosed almost three years ago. We were down two goals and I just knew the day wouldn’t be special if we lost. After that third goal, I just remembered thinking, “oh my God, did that really just happen?” I felt like it was a turning point in my athletic career and all the practicing alone with coaches paid off. My favorite picture ever was taken at that game while my teammates were hugging me because we just came back to win and they knew the game was important as I was dealing with Moms breast cancer.  Also, adidas gave us some amazing pink jerseys to wear.

RAY P: Mom, was that moment bigger than just a game for you?

MOM: It was Awesome! I’m really glad I was there. You can tell all of the girls were happy for Grace and I as well as the Coach whose Mother passed away from Cancer. It was a really emotional game for the whole team. It was a powerful moment. I saw Gracie with the biggest smile and it was just pure joy.

RAY P: Do you mind taking me through the process from diagnosis to when you beat Breast Cancer, Mom?

MOM: Thank goodness it was really short. When I first found out, I was shocked because you never think it would happen to you. Then I met with the Doctor and told him that it isn’t really a good time for me to have this because both my kids play Soccer and we have trips planned [laughs]! I was lucky I was able to do a partial radiation which is two weeks of intensive radiations twice a day as opposed to six weeks. So really I only missed one game.

GRACIE: What’s crazy is that one game she missed, coincidentally my Brother who plays at Notre Dame was playing at Virginia the same weekend as I and staying in the same hotel. It was perfect timing because we were there for each other and it happened right around the time of Mom’s diagnoses which neither of us were able to take time off of school to go back home. Having that support of my Brother really helped us lot. It was a perfect moment. We knew we’d be okay after that.

MOM: My Doctor said, “You seem like a lady who just wants to get over this, so you can continue living your life.” And he was right, that’s totally me. I think I was the cookiest Cancer patient they’ve ever had because I would reschedule appointments just so I wouldn’t miss Gracie nor her Brother’s games [laughs].

RAY P: Mom, you sound like the type of person who never let cancer define you or impede your life. You’re so strong and positive. I admire you a lot.

GRACIE: Yup that’s her. When she called me, I of course was balling my eyes out and she was calm and composed. It’s like it didn’t even phase her. She knew she would beat it, so it was just a matter of getting it over.

RAY P: What was the first thing you did to celebrate beating Cancer?

MOM: A group of friends took me out.

GRACIE: They took her to all of her favorite spots and all of her friends’ daughters played Soccer with me growing up so they even brought her to the Soccer field.

MOM: Yeah that was a major bonding moment and we even took a shot! [laughs].


RAY P: It seems like Soccer is more than just a game to your family. The sport is forever present throughout your lives. It’s literally a sanctuary for you all. Could any of you imagine life without Soccer?

GRACIE: No… I’m trying to figure it out now. I think I will try to get into Coaching. Honestly, part of the reason I wanted to play Soccer and do Nursing is because my Coach in High School was a nurse as well. I thought she was the coolest lady ever. I still speak to her all of the time. I definitely can’t imagine my life without it.

RAY P: Since Soccer has been part of the family’s lives since Dad was a pro player, has adidas always been the choice of footwear for the family?

GRACIE: Definitely. Growing up it was always adidas because that’s what Dad would put us in. When I committed to the University of Miami, they were still a Nike school. At that point, I was a bit worried because I’ve only played the sport with adidas on my feet. I remember people at our school were a bit upset when adidas sponsored the school, but the entire Soccer team was so pumped and excited. Since the switch it’s been way better, they actually care about the womens Soccer. We even have like six styles of jerseys!

MOM: When I was kid, adidas was the big thing. The classics came in either blue, green, or red. In my school, the white with the blue stripes, those were the most popular. One green was available and I convinced my Mom to buy me a pair even though they were a size and a half too big! I had to have them. Actually, I still haven’t found the blue pair.

RAY P: That’s so dope to hear. Maybe you’ll find that blue pair on this shopping spree. adidas gave each of you $1000 to spend at the store here in Chicago.

MOM: [laughs] Yes! Maybe today I’ll fulfilled my childhood dreams of getting that blue pair. adidas is definitely my first memory of feeling attached to a sportswear brand.

RAY P: I saw the video of you opening your surprise box from Adidas offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend Mother’s Day with your Mom in Chicago. How did that feel to be recognized by brand you grew up with, do something out of the good of their hearts for the family? I’m sure Mom has spent a lot of money on adidas over the years, too.

MOM: [laughs] Yes, quite a bit.

GRACIE: It was so surreal adidas is helping me show my Mom how much she means to me.. I couldn’t believe what was happening. adidas new yeezys 2017 has never really done anything like this before. It was amazing.

RAY P: Mom, when’s the last time you’ve taken a vacation?

MOM: Maybe when Gracie was in 8th grade? It’s been a while. It’s nice to relax.

GRACIE: She’s planned so many Soccer trips, team meals, and everything. I’m moving to Louisville soon and the Miami Soccer team has an upcoming game there, my Mom is already planning their stay [laughs]. She deserves this so much.

RAY P: They really went all out. You got an all expense paid vacation to Chicago with your Mom, staying at SoHo House which is a really exclusive and prestigious hotel club, tickets to Hamilton (the hottest theater show in the country), a bonding moment at Wanderlust, and the opportunity to not only attend a Soccer match, but also meet and greet the players. Listing all of that made me quite jealous [laughs], but after hearing your story I can’t think of anyone who’s more deserving.

GRACIE: I’m still in disbelief. I’ve never flown first class before, so to go from that to having a driver, to this amazing hotel  and our rooms were filled with new clothes and sneakers…

MOM: We felt extremely pampered. I was surprised.

RAY P: I see you both got a bunch of Boost sneakers! That comfort though…

MOM: I loved the ones I ran in this morning.

RAY P: The Ultra Boost? Yeah those are my favorite. I even got my Mom a pair for Mother’s Day, ha! Speaking of…

I have one last thing for you both… My language of love is sneakers. I think it’s the one thing in the world that makes any and everyone happy. Leaving this conversation without giving you both something wouldn’t feel right. So, Nice Kicks together with adidas presents an exclusive personalized pair of Ultra Boost X for two really wonderful women… 


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The jordan leather jumpman pro deconstruceted guess

Designed for high-altitude landings. Full-grain leather upper backed by EVA foam. Lightweight Phylon midsole and minimalistic outsole aid in takeoffs. Composite midfoot plate and Zoom Air unit from heel to toe for new yeezys 2017 .”

This was the original product description for the Jumpman Pro, the first, and some would still argue, greatest team shoe ever released by Jordan 2017 Release Brand. At the time, Mike was coming off a title and the Jordan Brand was still forming under the Nike umbrella.

The Jumpman Pro was for athletes who wanted to wear Jordan, just like when they were younger, but were not allowed to wear it in the league (known fact: Michael had say over who got to wear his signature shoe). It took the same technology from the signature line and tweaked the design to make it less flash, and less expensive for the fans, but still based in top-tier performance.

20 years have passed, and technology has come and gone, but the Jumpman Pro is still considered a great performer — when done correctly. This isn’t it.

Here is the product description of the Jumpman Pro Retro, which we saw released this year, from Eastbay. Notice the lack of technology and the increase of price; originally $119, the shoe now retails for $139.99 — that’s a $1 increase for every year since the original drop.

Leather and synthetic upper creates durable containment and a premium look and feel.
Midfoot shank for support and torsional rigidity in the midfoot.
Encapsulated Air-Sole unit helps cushion against impact and provide a smooth ride.
Rubber outsole for traction on a variety of surfaces.
Our friends at FastPass have dropped a deconstruction of the retro Jumpman Pro today. Like we told you back in February, the full-length Zoom is gone, replaced by an EVA crash pad (like the recent XV retro). However, this crash pad is in the heel. Why? Well, no one has said, but the changes in materials to lessen quality and the lack of original technology would certainly seem to merit a price increase.

Moreover, the Zoom unit in the forefoot is thin and the “carbon fiber” plate is actually just resin made to resemble carbon. When brands like Li-Ning and PEAK are using real carbon in mid-tier offerings, this is just…meh.

Take a look at the photos below, and once again, thank you to sneakerhello.com for doing the sneaker world a service.  

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Where to buy pink Don C x Air Jordan 2s on 5.13

Jordan Brand unveiled the pink Don C x Air Jordan 2 project on Tuesday, confirming info about the shoes releasing only in small sizes and posting a full list of retailers that will carry them. It looks like the shoes will not be available online via Nike or Jordan, although they will be on the Just Don website.

Additionally, the Don C x Air Jordan 2 "Arctic Orange" will release at Wish, Concepts, Kith, Social Status, RSVP Gallery, 32 South State, Xhibition, Sneaker Politics, Oneness, SoleFly, Creme, Trophy Room, Ubiq, and Capsule. This sneaker will also be available at international retailers, although Jordan Brand hasn't posted a list of stores outside the U.S. that will carry them.

The sneakers won't come in men's sizes, a decision made by Don C after he saw his family miss out on previous Jordan 2s of his that weren't available in a wide range of sizes.

"My family couldn’t participate in the last couple of Jordan releases so it felt good to allow them to take part. This collaboration is not only for my blood family but my extended family—all my friends," Don C says in a piece at the Jordan blog. "I am excited to put family first for this drop and expand my new yeezys 2017 collaboration to everyone."

Don C x Air Jordan 2 Retro GS
Release Date: 05/13/17
Color: Arctic Orange/Arctic Orange
Price: $150

UPDATE 5/9: Jordan has added a list of retailers outside North America carrying the shoes:  

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Why Adidas yeezy boost are expensive ?

As a world-renowned sports brand, New yeezys 2017 has been popular for a long time . Not only because of boost itself , there is views ,that is, Adidas boost is particularly expensive. Because of its price , more and more people though love it ,but can not offer .


From recently years, you can see from the price of adidas shoes series, you can see that it is difficult to accept the price ,and the most important for young boy ,Adidas is a sign of fashion today. I do not know whether it cooperation with Kanye Omari West, yeezy 350 for sale and yeezy 750 are so expensive, but still hard to get one . There is also expensive for NMD, but even you have more money and it is expensive ,the most difficulty is hard to got one when release. Now someone will ask, why Adidas boost is so expensive but still so popular ? Here are some reason as below :

1.Commercial hype
This is the trick which most of company have been used , we called it honey dicked .Company will cooperate with the top notch, the shoes have a strong effection and has been don enough warm-up before release , especially coupled with their appeal to fans.That is makes the foundation for popular of shoes .Take the yeezy boost as example .It is cooperate with kanye ,who the American popular singer .His affection for younger , it is huge . Kanye and his wife already revealing a bit wind in his live before release . But leave a little suspense, that will be attract more people with mysterious . Without doubt , that increase the visibility of yeezy boost

2.Limitation of quantity

This is a hunger marketing for advertise .it can be said to earn enough . Or to say yeezy, when the yeezy 750 release which limit of 9000 pairs in the the global, so that is the reason why it is popular .Because it is rare and precious, it is necessary to know that many of us are a little less than a strange feeling of affection, Adidas is with this kind of psychology, tightly grasp our desire, heart. Another view is that because sneaker shoes are limitation .so it has become more attractive.  

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Look at the Fab Five Air Jordan 5s releasing at retail

What many suspected about the "Fab Five" Air Jordan 5s when they were unveiled this weekend has turned out to be true: the shoes aren't releasing at retail. Nike confirmed that detail in a post on Wednesday that offers the best look at the shoes yet.

The shoe, which references the University of Michigan's legendary Fab Five squad, has a maize colorway tied to the school and other collegiate details on the tongue. There's also a "five times" hand sign on the heel that should be familiar to fans of the team.

Nike calls this Jordan 5 a gift from designer Tinker Hatfield to friends and family of Jordan Brand. Hatfield himself picked the shoe as the canvas to celebrate the team.

Michigan has another Jordan Brand Player Exclusive which has just been unveiled by DJ Khaled. Known as the Air Jordan 5 ‘Fab 5’ PE which is inspired by the Michigan Fab 5 team from the 90s.

This Air Jordan 5 features a Yellow, Black and Anthracite color theme which has a similar look to the Air Jordan 5 Tokyo release which took place back in 2011. Using Yellow across the base along with Black and Anthracite accents. Connecting back to the Wolverines is ‘Hail to the Victors’ tags on the inside of the tongue, Michigan Block ‘M’ logo on the tongue and Fab 5 hand on the heel. They also came with a special card which shows the sneakers worn by the Fab 5 or jordan 31 why not

"If you were watching college basketball in the early ‘90s, the Fab Five stuck with you," he said. "They brought a new yeezys 2017 of play. They had swagger to their game that I hadn’t seen at the college level before. They became one of the most iconic teams in college sports."  

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What is the characteristics of the Adidas Boost ?

New yeezys 2017 Boost as one of today's heyday of black technology, as long as the words of their shoes are known to wear very comfortable. Why is boost so popular?
First of all, we come to understand what is the next boost in the end?
The TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), like popcorn, is split into thousands of miniature energy capsules, making it extremely resilient resilient, and then these small particles that can be stored and released can be molded into midsole Look like.
Secondly, where is boost bottom? What is adidas yeezys boots the characteristic?
Color: what color color?
Breathability: upper fabric are running shoes commonly used fabrics, ventilation holes, breathability should not be a problem.
Soles: very soft
Weight: light
Cushioning and resilience: good. Due to the uniqueness of the structure, each capsule can be effectively squeezed, expanded, and rebounded at each step of the movement, thereby accumulating and releasing energy. Thus, every time between the bouncing bounce, as if there is a force from the soles up to push forward, which is very suitable for running shoes and basketball shoes.
Cold and Heat Resistance: Tests have shown that Boost can continuously and efficiently perform energy feedback, whether it is minus 20 ° C or up to 40 ° C, and will not reduce energy efficiency due to climate change so that it can be applied to more Field of shoes.

Then let's take a look at adidas and what is loaded with boost technology shoes shoes ...

I believe this Adidas ultra boost everyone is familiar, but not only comfortable feet, usually go out can be free to match, as long as not too much out of the clothing color can be used with black and white arbitrary color.

Then this pair, looks and on a pair and not much difference, but the toe of the reflective material and feel better on the feet than the former more relaxed, relatively speaking, more suitable for foot-type large boys, the whole body more thin , Looks more sports wind some.

This pair of nmd believe that we are not unfamiliar, and last year speculation million people seeking shoes, a variety of color are very picky. This shoe has two different material selection, one is the PK side, the other is the mesh.

The final finale of course, the most famous shoes, but also the highest price of Adidas yeezy boost 350 . The foot of the step on the feeling of feces is to achieve the extreme comfort, soft soles let you enjoy walking, bouncing rich sense of the shoe body of the braided material will not cause oppression on both sides of the foot, in short, is not regret to buy One sneaker basketball shoes of the friends  

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